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Arthur's Voicemail placeholder
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[Character Name] Arthur Pendragon
[Canon] Merlin
[Point Taken from Canon] After exiling Gwen

[Age] 24
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Hetero

[Eye Color] Blue
[Hair Color] Blond
[Height] 5'10"
[Other] N/A
armor references

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Arthur joins Rakuen for Round 9

Round 9 - Tournament Round
Arthur is a PLAYER
Weapons Owned
     John Peixes
Placed Third in the tournament
Won the round
Ends with 101 Raks
     Buys all of his upgrades - Offense, Weakness, Amnesty, Battle Aura, Coup de Grace
Ends with 26 Raks
Gets 14 Raks from Merlin, buys a link charm.
Ends with 0 Raks

Round 10
Arthur is a PLAYER
Weapons Owned
Ends with 55 Raks


May. 2nd, 2012 02:30 pm
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How am I doing with Arthur?
Let me know!

Rakuen app

Apr. 28th, 2012 03:50 pm
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Name: Ru
Journal: [personal profile] adoruble
Contact information: [AIM]ruren490 [PLURK]ruren
Other characters: Santana, Dolorosa, Yuki, Daenerys, Anya
Do you need an invite code? Nope
Do you want a buddy? Nah


Name: Arthur Pendragon
Age: 24
Subject taught: Knight training
Canon: CANON
Canon point: After exiling Gwen

Arthur Pendragon was raised knowing that one day he would be crowned King of Camelot. Because of that he had to learn specific traits, but he did more than that, he embodied them. As royalty he had to be noble and have a high moral standard, as well as impeccable manners. It would be easy to just pretend that he’s some nice guy but actually be a complete ass, but that’s not Arthur. As a knight he took the knights’ code to heart, he is chivalrous and brave, cares about the people of Camelot, from his father, Uther, to Gaius the medical man, to Gwen and Merlin, mere servants. Since Arthur always knew that he would be king, he spent a lot of time thinking about just what kind of king he wanted to be. He knew that he wanted to be strong like his father, respected and maybe a bit feared (to protect his people) but also kind, fair, and just. Even before he became king he embodied these traits.

Along with being raised as royalty comes a type of snobbery, Arthur is no exception. He has fine tastes and high standards, when visiting Ealdor, Merlin’s home village, he is disgusted by the food Merlin’s mother gives him, but at the same time learns to appreciate the food he has been given. He’s spoiled and a bit entitles, he’s (Prince/)King Arthur, why shouldn’t he get what he wants? At first Arthur couldn’t be half assed to do menial labor, that’s what servants are for of course, but throughout the series he learns to do more things for himself, especially when it’s to help others, (Tristan was shocked when Arthur started gathering firewood). Arthur is arrogant but learns to understand what commoners go through. He believes the menial tasks are simple, how hard could it be to clean and cook and do whatever it is Arthur wants them to do? So when something isn’t up to his standards he has no problem insulting Merlin, his manservant, about it. But then again, Arthur just may like insulting Merlin, it makes for interesting banter as Merlin won’t take his BS even if Arthur is his king. For example, Merlin has no problem telling Arthur that he’s getting fat, he may enjoy seeing Arthur getting self conscious about his weight (his belt is not one hole shy from being perfect, okay?). Even if he likes being treated as a person, he has no problem treating Merlin like dirt from time to time. Or a lot. Arthur is patient with him for the most part, but sometimes you just really need to throw things around, usually without any rage or ill-will behind the toss.

One of the most obvious things about Arthur is that he is fiercely loyal, perhaps even to a fault. He will do anything for Camelot and the people he cares about. All of his knights are important to him, so is his father, his servants, the people of Camelot, and even Morgana who has betrayed him. Arthur is kind and willing to help others, he’s a good person. He both likes and doesn’t like being treated as royalty. On the one hand, it’s what he knows best, others have always treated him like that, and why shouldn’t they, he’s Arthur Pendragon. But he also likes when others treat him like a person rather than a figurehead, perhaps that’s why he likes Merlin and Gwen so much, they treat him as real even if they know that he is their king (and has been their king since before Uther died and Arthur was officially crowned). It is with them, and his knights, that one can see how witty Arthur really is, and how important his acquaintances/friends are. Still, Arthur both keeps his friends close and at an arms reach, he needs them but doesn’t want them to get hurt on his account. He is good at hiding what he really feels or what he really thinks. At the same time, Arthur is a very honest person, but he often cannot bring himself to tell the people close to him that they are important, and when he does he then plays it off as a joke, showing he has a hard time articulating his true feelings (sometimes all you can ask for is an awkward pat on the back).

But that’s with good reason, of course. One of Arthur’s biggest mental conflicts is balancing what is good for himself versus what is good for Camelot, even if they are often the same thing. He is often told that it is foolish to try and save his servants, but he cannot let the people important to him suffer. By rescuing the common people he is gaining popularity, people want a king who cares about them even if they are poor (especially since he realizes that they cannot be taxed any more than they already are). Arthur could have married any noblewoman he wanted and made a strong alliance between kingdoms, but he turns them all down in order to focus on his feelings for Gwen, Morgana’s handmaid. That really works out for him in the end though, he gets to marry for love and he shows people that status does not matter, they are still people. The same message gets out when he knights those of non-noble birth and they end up being his best knights, they would die for him. Arthur’s good at making Camelot love him, almost like he’s charmed them.

And that brings up the subject of magic, and, in turn, destiny. His father, Uther, has pretty much declared war on magic, anyone suspected of being a sorcerer gets beheaded. Horrible things have happened to Camelot because of magic, and sometimes things happen that make Arthur think that Uther’s war is just, and magic can only really cause harm. But Arthur isn’t blinded by rage as his father is, he does realize that magic can be used for good and that not everyone who uses magic is using it to cause harm to others. Which is good considering his destiny is intertwined with Merlin’s, a sorcerer, even if Arthur doesn’t know it yet. This swaying view on magic is enough to cause conflict with his father, before his death at least. Uther expects much of Arthur, and Arthur tries his best to fill his father with pride and reach his expectations. Most of the time Arthur does just that, and the times where he does go against his father is with good reason. The last thing Arthur wants is to let Uther or Camelot down, he would die before he let that happen, and he is fully willing to give his life for Camelot, even if he fears what would happen if he did.

Arthur has rather complicated relationships. Or, maybe it would be more accurate to say, Arthur has no simple relationships. His relationship with his father is full of politics and conflicts. Arthur knows that he needs to listen to Uther as he was the king, but that doesn’t mean he always needs to agree. He had a love-hate relationship with Morgana, and even after she betrayed Camelot and has made attempts on his life he cannot fully consider her an enemy. He fell in love with a serving girl and marries her, even if laws don’t really allow them. Merlin is a rather incompetent manservant, so Arthur thinks, but Arthur really enjoys his company and values his opinions, even if he would never admit it. It’s not right to take council from a servant. A servant that he has spent a lot of time rescuing and protecting his life when he should be doing more princely/kingly duties. But hey, friendship is important. Besides, Arthur and Merlin need each other. His relationship with his knights may be the simplest he has, they are extremely loyal to each other and would do anything for the others. Trust is hard to come by, and he is often betrayed, but he still find it in himself to trust those around him.

Even as king Arthur is adventurous, he enjoys hunting and taking risks, but also knows that he needs to be cautious. Even so, he is headstrong and will not be swayed from the task he has set his mind to which sometimes results in acting rashly, especially if the lives of his people are at stake. Others tell him that his life is more important than theirs, but he cannot bring himself to believe something like that. He often deals with the conflict of balancing his inner knight and the idea of the inevitability of war with his compassion and the peace he wants to achieve. He realizes the counter productiveness of killing for peace, so if it is he that his enemies want, it is he that they will get. Even as a king he wants to be in the action and serve as protector, he’ll always rise to a challenge.

Name: Excalibur

Form: Sword

  • Offense
  • Weakness
  • Amnesty
  • Battle Aura
  • Coup de Grace

Lost memories:
  • The names of all the kingdoms
  • The names of all the Kings/Lords/Ladies
  • How his father died
  • The layout of Camelot
  • How old he is
  • The first time he met Merlin
  • That Morgana has magic
  • What the Questing Beast looks like
  • His mother's name
  • How to joust



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